2016 Recap

2016, a year in which we didn’t travel to Australia, that was something special. In return we discovered a bit of Europe, and our hometown Ghent. The year was packed with new destinations, and luckily a lot of sunny ones! From the canals of Venice to the volcanos in Lanzarote, we saw some really nice places. Even a few ones that we want to re-visit in 2017, the Algarve for example. But that won’t be the only destination of 2017 of course ;-).

The next coming months we are going to discover some new destinations, so stay tuned to the blog. First trip this weekend (3-7 March): Madrid!

We are also going to help fellow travellers to plan there trip to Australia on the Reismarkt 2017 in the next weekend (12 March).


the 2016 posts:

Januari: Rotterdam
February: Venice
March: Port of Ghent, Reismarkt Brugge, Ricoh Theta S
April: The Chrystal Ship, Algarve + Lisbon
May: Italia (Rome, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany)
June: Valencia, Eyes Wide Open, Sorry Not Sorry, Ennio Morricone, Open Wervendag, Rotterdam
July: GF16, Glass Ball photography , Liége, Gent Jazz
August: Rotterdam, Patersholfeesten, Berlin, Ardennes, Massive Attack concert
September: Monuments Day, Odegand
October: Bike to the future, Mallorca, Milan
November: Lanzarote,  Makercity, Six Days of Ghent
December: Streetart walk Antwerp, Den Haag

the 2016 numbers:

14 trips to 6 countries
16 flights from 14 different airports, good for 20 870 km of flying (that’s a one way flight to Sydney)
and 48 855 photo’s ( 336 GB)

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