Glass ball photography

27483453653_dbac87829c_zAnother crazy idea. Last year we attended an Instameet in Sydney, Australia. There we met Rob Mulally, a great photographer. He brought a glass ball to the Instameet, which was a great idea, see the picture I took here. Since then I always thought that you can do a lot of creative stuff with such a thing, and so, the search began. Luckily there’s internet for such kind of special items. Thanks to a golden tip from a colleague, I found a Dutch lady that produces such kind of glass balls, with a website. After a few mails back and forth, we’ve ordered a 9cm diameter glass ball. Surprised to find it already two days later in our possession. I’m very satisfied of the product and the fast service of  (and reasonable priced)! More pictures coming in the coming months, be sure to check out our Instagram profile.

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