29087544813_5661d39427_oSince 14 years, the start of the new cultural season is celebrated in our hometown. Not just celebrated with a special act or show. No. It is celebrated throughout the city center. A real ‘ode’ to Ghent (Gand). Celebrated around the canals (in French: eau, same pronounciation as in ‘OdeGand’).

And believe it or not. This was the very first time we went to this festival … We saw an amazing performance by the Ghanaian artists of Adesa and enjoyed some classical music in the extraordinary setting that is the St. Bavo Cathedral. The gigs at the city hall and in front of the belfry were free for every body to enjoy.

In between we saw our city from another perspective: by boat! A nice way to move from one concert to another (although the organisation could have been better – to little boats at the key moments). The day ended with two shows and brilliant but short fireworks.

If you’re in to some new music experiences, from classic over pop to world music, in a vibrant atmosphere, you should definitely safe the date for next year!

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