Every year, during one day (Monuments Day) in September, one gets the unique opportunity to have a rare view behind the scenes of monuments. The theme changes every time, but is easy to find something that answers your interests.

This year we took a look at the gigantic gasholders on the outskirts of the city center. The two holders are the only ones left in Ghent and reflecting the rich industrial history of the city.

The site of the giant gas factory over hundred years ago was important in terms of the economic and social development of the city and her citizens.

The factory has long been gone, and the site is transforming into a new neighborhood. However the gas holders survived demolition through the years and will be restored and integrated in the area.

Perhaps not your first idea of an interesting activity. But we can recommend every visitor to have a look at this website (always around the second Sunday of September).

360 view:

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