Massive Attack in Ghent

Since the announcement of this concert, we’ve been looking forward to go! In our hometown, in open air on the most beautiful and accoustic spot, what can you wish more?

29264800496_855009caab_oThe support act was a bit so-so, but the long waiting for the real stuff was well worth it! Wauw! Massive Attack was amazing! Both new (Ritual Spirit, Take it There) and older (Eurochild, Angel) songs were brought in a special set. The lightwall reflected a constant stream of words, sentences and images. Too much to enjoy, or was this exactly the point? In combination with the songs, especially at the beginning, the show seemed a kind of protest against the current way of thinking in our society. Our way of living might be too hasty, too much rushing and too polarising. This stage, with the strong voices of Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall and Horace Andy, against the mighty St. Pieters abbey was massive! Personally, I enjoyed the last song, Unfinished Sympathy, the most. Deborah Miller. What a voice! The concert was over before we even knew …

All good things in life go too fast, despite the message of Massive Attack.

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We had a fantastic evening, huge thanks to Visitgent !

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