We live in a city where about everything is possible. We Ghentians have are own specific character, of which creativity stands out and that was what Maker City was all about.

This creativity was highlighted during one weekend in November.
We started with the opening of the exposition Hands on Design at the Museum of Design (expo till 5 March 2017). It gives an overview of the work of Belgian creative talent in very diverse worlds. From interior designers using all sorts of exceptional materials over fashion designers who have a special way of looking at the world till futurist designers who make foldable boats out of the lightest material. What makes this exposition even more interesting, is that you can have a look behind the scenes. Models, drafts and prototypes are showcased.

During the weekend we visited the Market of Futures. Ideal to get an oversight of what’s on the verge of life changing breakthroughs. The ‘artists’ live at work under the City Hall, crafting playground toys from large trunks, were fascinating. But far more inspiring was to actually meet all those creative talents at their work places. It takes a lot of courage to bring a crazy idea to life, and make a living out of it.

Hope this comes back next year!

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