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Ricoh Theta S Since a few months I saw videos and pictures in 360 format coming up on my Facebook timeline or on YouTube. I discovered a 360 video app on Apple tv (littlstar also available for iOS and Android phones) and I was triggered to find out the many possibilities of this format. First things first: how do you make those 360 pictures/videos? The search began with finding out the hardware that can produce this format. The things I found weren’t totally new: in 2015 I already read some articles on some new gadget stuff that was coming out, but at that time the quality was poor and the price was overrated. However seeing all the things on my timeline on Facebook and watching 360 video blogs on YouTube, this triggered me to find out if the hardware was already in the next fase. And yes, it is! After reading some tests, looking for examples of the quality and actually having a 360 camera in my hand (thanks to the Imaging Days in Brussels), I was convinced by the quality of the photographs. You still don’t have that much choice in cameras (early adopters fase).

To name the 360 hardware you can buy in Belgium:

You can of course buy other cameras online (which you can import), for example: Sphericam, Panono, Bublcam , v360, Giroptic, Kogeto

double lenses ricoh theta sAfter a thorough search and keeping in mind the not so big budget, the Ricoh Theta S came out as the number one for me.

ports of the Ricoh Theta SThe positive points of the Ricoh Theta S:

  • great design (small, slick, lightweight)
  • internal battery and storage
  • apps for iOS and Android (control and edit : Ricoh Theta S / Theta+ / Theta+video)
  • decent photo quality
  • software upgrades possible
  • click and shoot (that simple), with or without smartphone control

The negative points of the Ricoh Theta S:

  • poor video quality
  • pricy (although one of the cheapest you can buy)controls theta sfront view theta s
  • glass lenses (better not drop them)
  • sun flare (in open blue sky with full sun)
  • software for mac/pc is not great (no edit options)

Main specifications of the Ricoh Theta S:

  • shoots 14 Megapixel pictures
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • F2.0 Lens
  • 25 minutes of continuous shooting
  • 30 fps / Full HD
  • Lithium ion battery built in (for approx 260 photos)
  • compatible with the Google Street View app  (and with google cardboard)
  • hmdi port (for live streaming)

my profile on the Ricoh Theta S website where you can see all the videos and images 

check out my google street view contributions here  or my littlstar profile

first video test from the boat (click in the video to get another perspective):

see other video examples on our youtube channel 

first picture test inside the train station of Ghent (click in the picture to get another perspective):

First test #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

from high above the city (Belfry Ghent)

#gent #360view #photography #ghent @visitgent #belfort #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

low light condition (at the fair)

Low light conditions #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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