Last trip of the year. Not too far away, we have been flying a bit much lately 😉

The Hague is an easy train ride from Ghent, with a connection in Antwerp and a few stops in The Netherlands. Just two and a half hours later we arrive in the political capital of Holland.

At the train station Den Haag Holland Spoor we leave the train and visit our first sighting: The Penthouse. A big tower, 42 floors with a balcony on the top floor! The reason we’re here of course. We are welcomed by a receptionist and are invited to enjoy the view outside, and have a drink with views later. Not too shabby for €9 per person! The view is amazing, we can see Rotterdam and the sea, and the city at our feet.

When we are back on the ground, we find the public transport office to buy our ticket and we take of to the seaside. An easy tram ride through the city center and along the International Court of Justice (or the Peace House where the court has its home). This is a must-see but the entrance is not for free and only guided. Understandable, but we don’t have that much time so we continue our journey to the beach.
Amazing to have a beach at your city-feet! It’s not the most beautiful one of the world, but in Summer it must be so sweet to escape the heat! A nice jetty, with ferris wheel and lookout make this an actual side-trip. We end our day with a long walk along the promenade, back to the tram stop and to our hotel.

That hotel had the seasons all mixed up: no heating in the Winter when it’s freezing outside …

The next day we aren’t so lucky. The fog is very dence, and what looked like a lovely and cosy center, now looks … Well, we don’t know. We didn’t see 😉

We visit the parliament court (Binnenhof), the old city hall and the new one with an exhibition hall (The Atrium). The shopping streets are typically Dutch and cosy. But the weather is a bummer and we decide to go home a bit earlier. The Hague is a nice city, and we will come back on a visit since we missed some sightings like the many parks and the royal palace (or at least the houses of the royals). Check out the 360 views:

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