Rotterdam June 2016

A quick city trip, not too far away, easily in reach by public transport? Rotterdam is a good bet!

27509569681_bcf994247d_oFor this second visit, we had a few particular activities in mind. Until the end of July 2016, ‘Rotterdam celebrates the city’, is a festival, well … celebrating the city 🙂 There was no city in Europe more destroyed in the Second World War than Rotterdam. Now, 75 years later, they celebrate the reconstruction. And we must say: they did a magnificent job!

One of the highlights was ‘The Stairs and Lookout’. Was, because this installation has been removed the week after we visited. However, lots of other interesting projects are well worth going! The Stairs was one of the reasons we wanted to go to Rotterdam in June. And really: it was quite something unique! The construction led to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw, a big building just at the entrance of the main railway station. From the roof we had a wonderful view over Rotterdam, and we could even see as far as The Hague (have a look) !

The other reason to go to Rotterdam is a new street art route by Rewriters, complete with an app to easily guide you along the pieces. Well, no, not 26971718354_b2118324ee_oeasily. The app doesn’t work good enough, so we drew the route on our paper map and set off. If you’ve seen Rotterdam before, you can easily skip a big part of the 7km-route and bring it down to about 5km. The route brings you along pieces – like always with these kind of routes also in non-tourist areas – mostly created by Dutch artists, however some are made by Brazilians. The aim of Rewriters is to bring back legal colour in the streets of Rotterdam, and even find a spot where artists can let themselves go (like the werregarenstraat  in Ghent). Check out the pictures for some lovely art!

#rotterdam #detrap #360view #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Skyline #rotterdam #360view #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

more information about the trap on Dezeen

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