If there is one city you can visit every year without getting bored, it must be Berlin. It is our 7th time to the German capital, and again we filled our three-day weekend quite well.

First day we reserved to find some great street art in Kreuzberg. We’ve been around here before, but street art has the art to bring you to places you never saw before and where no other tourist comes. This is how you get to know a city! At some point we did come back to touristy spots, but left it soon enough. You can hardly say Friedrichshain is a conventional neighbourhood 🙂
We ended this extremely hot day with a dinner we longed for for a very long time at Pappa e Cicchia.

We started our Sunday at the Museum Insel, well before the tourists flocked in. We cooled down along the Spree river in the shade (litteraly) of the Reichs- and Bundestagbuildings. Just a little bit further is a very calm Haus der Kulturen der Welt, which seems to be open and abandond at the same time. In the afternoon it finally started to cool down but unfortunately that change came with some rain. No worries, we wanted to visit the new street art museum Urban Nation anyway. Amazing this museum is for free and yet shows so many great art! Think Roa, Inti, David Walker, Space Invader and many many more. Be sure to check the streets around it as well. At the moment it isn’t possible to buy anything, but they have some plans to change this.

Third and last day we started with some shopping but couldn’t help to find some pieces we couldn’t find Saturday because of a demonstration in that neighbourhood. If you are around Checkpoint Charlie (you will be if you visit Berlin, no doubt), try to find the amazing piece by Jadore Tong a few streets down. It is awesome! Later in the day we got up the Dom for the first time ever. Nice views!

On Tuesday we flew home. We got the intention to look for some street art pieces at Alt Tegel, but unfortunately that area doesn’t have great connections to the airport and we didn’t have enough time. A good excuse to go back 😉

A few tips: download the Berlin Murals app and stay in Motel One Alexanderplatz to have a great view on Berlin.

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