Port House Antwerp

This magnificent building truly is a new beacon in Antwerp! You can find the Port House close to the MAS (museum), at the entrance of the 2nd largest port of Europe. The Port House is designed by the late Zaha Hadid, but she never saw the result by herself. It was completed in September 2016.

What makes it special? To start with, it was build upon the existing harbour house, but it doesn’t lean on it. The new part has it’s totally independant structure. The old harbour house was completely renovated, and the two buildings somehow perfectly integrated, yet exist separately. Sounds confusing right? You have to see it to fully understand it, but this is an architectural masterpiece!

We had a chance to have a guided tour inside the building, with a clear explanation about the importance and the history of the location and the old building (the old harbour house is about 100 years and used to be a fire station).

Apart from the structure, the building shines a a diamond. Perhaps people inside get hot from time to time, but on the outside the all-window façade gives it an amazing look!

Zaha Hadid left her legacy all around the world. Read more about the building on Dezeen.

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