Combining a city trip to Lisbon with the part of the coast that we have not yet seen. Lisbon never disappoints, the beautiful weather, the delicious food, the historic tram, the ferry to the other side (where we were staying), it was the perfect four days in Lisbon. Then we took the car at the airport (not recommended) to explore the coast between Lisbon and Peniche. Known for its surfing beaches (and coincidentally there was a world-renowned surfing competition going on), and the best waves in Europe. Ericeira has really won our surfing hearts. Be sure to take a look at the photos on Behance or Flickr!

The Lisbon Ferry
Lisbon elevadores
Lisbon Trams
Portugal coastal scenes
Portugal – Surf 2023 part I
Portugal – Surf 2023 part II
Portugal – Surf 2023 part III
Portugal – Surf 2023 part IV
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