Étretat’s most famous features are its dramatic cliffs, which have been carved over centuries by the relentless power of the sea. The chalk cliffs rise majestically from the English Channel, forming intricate arches and needle-like rock formations that have captivated artists, writers, and nature enthusiasts for generations.

The three most renowned cliffs are known as the Falaise d’Aval, Falaise d’Amont, and the Aiguille or Needle. Each of these natural wonders provides a unique perspective of the coastline and offers incredible photo opportunities. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of these geological marvels.

Étretat has inspired countless artists, including the famous Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Monet’s series of paintings featuring Étretat’s cliffs and beaches are iconic and have contributed to the town’s reputation as an artistic hub. Visiting Étretat is like stepping into a living masterpiece, and you’ll understand why artists have been drawn to this place for centuries.

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