Rotterdam 2019

Rotterdam has an annual street art festival: Pow!Wow!Rotterdam, a part of Pow!Wow! worldwide. The festival is all about the urban scene: street art, urban dance, sport events on street scale, and street food.

This year the murals bring colour to the Afrikaanderwijk, which is south of the Rotterdam centre. If you are visiting Rotterdam, you can easily get there by foot (crossing the Erasmusbridge) or by public transport (train station Rijnhaven). We saw brilliant works by Dourone, Smug and Telmo Miel, Super A (Pinocchio), Slinkachu (the little creatures were hard to spot though) and Spencer Little (who is the coolest Californian ever and left his wired pieces all over Rotterdam).

Not to forget: our own Belgian artist Smok, who painted a boat!

We were in Rotterdam on an Indian Summer day trip, and combined the street art with a walk around the Katendrecht area where we assembled our lunch 🙂 (Phoenix Factory is the place to be!) From there we took our feet to De Hef bridge and all around the other side to the city centre of Rotterdam.

On that Sunday, Rotterdam opened some buildings and museums to the public that are usually closed. We took our chances to visit the European version of the White House. Early 19th Century the tallest sky scraper of Europe. Now we had a lovely view over the Maas river and the centre from the rooftop.

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