Tulips in the Netherlands

Once Spring is around, the first fields start to blossom.

We had a sneak preview just across the border, in Zeeland. In the area around Terneuzen we found some beautiful tulip (and hyacinth) fields as early as the beginning of April.

In fact, we were a bit too late here to see them in full glory. The flowers are cut off once they are ‘mature’ and the flower bulbs are harvested (and sold). By the way: dears love the flowers too!

More to the north of Holland, the flowers grow later in the season (it is colder up there), and they stay ‘fresh’ for a longer period of time. If you don’t know where to start, you can find some routes online.

North East Polder 

First we drove to Flevoland (to the north-east of Amsterdam), about three hours from our home, to see the fields. They are numerous, some small and some gigantic! In this area, between the lakes, you’ll find the fields in between the hundreds of windmills, which gives a bizarre contrast.

This area is known as the North-East polder, and used to bee sea. It is the biggest man made land in the world! The first night we stayed at Emmeloord. On our second day we crossed the bridge over the Ijsselmeer to the coastline, and followed a route towards Den Helder, Julianadorp, Callantsoog and Bergen aan Zee.

We easily spent a complete weekend just driving from one field to another. It was well worth going so far north, as the fields over there are beautiful, big and not too crowded. We noticed the fields more south are smaller and very popular (may had to do with the weekend, whilst we visited the other fields on Thursday and Friday, and they are located closer to cities). And no, we didn’t stop at world famous Keukenhof. We guess it is easy for tourists visiting Amsterdam, but for us it is crazy expensive, and way too busy.

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