At this very moment aviation history is in the making. An airplane that is flying around the world on solar energy. We’ve come a long way sinds the Wright brothers in 1903. Taking an airplane 16191640263_9322a18980_znowadays is like taking a bus or a car. Every day millions of people step in a plane to there destination. What most people don’t see is the environmental impact of this (co² impact). With some airlines you can pay a little bit extra for a “green seat”, it compensates the co² impact of your travels. The ultimate solution for this problem is flying on clean and renewable energy. We had the luck to see the prototype of the solar impulse in Brussels on the 13th of May 2011. Since then a huge progress has been made. At this moment this plane is flying around the globe in different stages (from continent to continent) and breaking multiple records. Driven by the mission to change the world and to make history two exceptional pilots (Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, also the founders of this project) are testing the limits of machine and human. Some interesting links:

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See the full album on flickr scalled

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