Australia is not only beaches and outback, there is an amazing alpine region as well! More precisely, the Snowy Mountains can be found between the coast of New South Wales and the ACT, in the 17090046571_4e3dec0102_zKosciuszko National Park. You have to pay an additional entry fee (not included in the park pass of NSW), but it sure is worth paying for! The main ‘town’ is Thredbo, a resort style place. From there you can take a chairlift to skip some kilometres of the walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko. Wether you walk all the way, or you cheat a little bit, the route is amazingly beautiful. The highest mountain of the Snowy’s is 2228 metre, and is named after a Polish freedom fighter (by a Polish explorer). We assume there are a lot of wombats in this region as well, although the only reason we think this is we saw a lot of death wombats along the road …

We’ve been there in low season, although there still was snow on the mountains and along the walking track. This also meant is was relatively calm.

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