kangaroo duel patrolPambula Beach: a hidden gem along the New South Wales coast. You could easily drive past the place, very small, requires a detour from the Princess Highway, and doesn’t have a supermarket. But, if you do take the detour … say hi to a tranquile and easy-going beach town!

We stayed at the Discovery Holiday Park (in Winter, and we don’t want to stay there in Summer when the place is full – and full really means full here …) just next to the beach. a lovely place! The half-wild kangaroos are very used to their fellow two-footers meaning you can come very close to them. The beach is huge and has a nice surf brake. Surrounded by the Ben Boyd National Park. Dolphins playing around (see video below). And no need for a clock radio: the birds are numerous 🙂 (and if you do need a supermarket: go to the Woolies in Tura Beach, not the one in Merimbula) See the full album on flickr scalled

Pambula beach from Travel for Motion on Vimeo. 

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