Hello extraterrestrials!

About 45 minutes from Canberra, you’ll find one of the few places on earth where you cannot use your mobile phone, or anything else using waves to send communications. Just in case the huge satelites receive whispers from space. And if we all use our phones and radios, it will never be heard …

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) forms part of NASA’s Deep Space Network, and helps to explore the world outside ours. This station is not only important when aliens would reach out to us (somebody has to receive the message), but the CDSCC is also vital for succesfully sending spacecraft/-ships and satelites into space.

To be honest, we thought the CDSCC would be bigger and we would have the change to walk around. Our visit was limited to the visitor centre, but the satelites are huge even when standing not just in front of them. And we saw a real piece of the moon šŸ™‚

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