One month in Sydney part I

Recently we read a blogpost of a fellow traveller about Australia. According to that traveller, you shouldn’t stay in Sydney for over a few days because it’s a dull city …

Let’s proof him wrong! Sydney is a wonderful city, full of surprises! Open your eyes and see!

How can you spend one month in Sydney?

First of all, it all depends on what time of the year you go. Last time we were there in January. Fullswing summertime. It’s outside where you want to be that time of the year. And yes, 47 degrees on the 7th of January was pretty hot! Check the weather on the official weather service. And finally we’ve seen a summer storm in Sydney:

Second: check what’s happening in Sydney. There’s always something to do (check our previous blogpost about Vivid Sydney). In January,Sydney festival is a fun festival for travellers and Sydney’ers alike. 22 days of activities throughout the city. We visited the Plastic Jurassic exhibition/art creating place at Town Hall. Amazing (or mind blowing) how many plastic toys you can use to make a dinosaur (or how much plastic is used to make toys and end up as waste …). At Barangaroo Reserve another installation made us think about how we handle our environment.

Fourthousand Fish represents the fish that once swam in the harbour and were caught by the Aboriginal people for dinner. White men came, and the fish disappeared. With this project, we made our own fish in ice, put in a traditional boat (once used by the indigineous people to hunt) where it melted and was given back at the harbour.

Thirth: no need for a rental car in Sydney. Use the public transport (bus/train/ferry). Nowadays it is quite cheap. Your best option is to buy an Opal card and top it up for a certain amount. Always tap on and off. If you use your card more than 8 times a week, all next rides during that week are half price. And on Sunday you never pay no more than $ 2.6 (for a whole day, as many times as you like). More info on the official public transport site and plan your trip with the apps available. There is no better way to discover Sydney than by ferry.

Fourth: accommodation can be a problem if you’re spending a month in a big and rather expensive city. Moreover hotels get a bit boring after a few days. Today however you have enough other options for long stays. We rented an appartement of the Meriton group. It’s a great solution for a stay in Sydney, perfectly located (they have different sites in all parts of the city) and you have enough space and privacy to make it your own. Our appartement was situated in North Sydney which is a perfect starting point to discover the city. You’re not in the middle of the busy city centre, but you can reach anything on foot and by public transport which is just around the corner.

Read more tips in the second blogpost…

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