Looking ahead 2018

We’ve got a few destinations on our radar for 2018!

Madrid / Toledo
We’ve been to Madrid before (March 2017), but we’re having a feeling that there’s more to see than you could do on one citytrip. Time to visit the ‘B-highlights’. Next to that, we would love to take the train (30min) to Toledo.
Probably in March-April

Porto area
We did a citytrip to Porto in 2017 and we where charmed by the area around it. So this year we’re planning to take a rental car and start in Porto to discover the coast and the hinterland. Our curiosity was also triggered by an article in The Guardian and the great surf movies you can find on youtube of Nazaré.
Probably May-June

The WOII beaches of Northern France have been on our wish list for a long time. This year we’re gonna make a road trip and go discover them. Trying to get so far as Le Mont Saint Michel. A good article for some great walks in Northern France.
Probably April-May-June

We’ve been to Lisbon already twice, once in January (not recommended) and once after a roadtrip to the Algarve, when the weather conditions were perfect. So this time we hope on the same summery temperatures to discover some other parts of the city.
Probably May-June

Again, Berlin. Why? Because Berlin is great in springtime, the great parks, the atmosphere. And…it’s cheap 🙂 We’re probably going to find some things we’ve never seen on our previous 5 trips, like last year when we discovered Teufelsberg.
Probably May-June

Rotterdam/The Hague, some new things to discover in Rotterdam and going to the beach in summer in The Hague (we did that in winter time in 2016).
Amsterdam: if the budget allows ;-).
Probably July/August

Yes, discovering the home country little by little. On our to do-list so far: Ostend for the third edition of The Crystal Ship, Dinant, Hasselt, Hoge Venen, Kortrijk, Antwerpen.
Throughout the whole year (especially in good weather conditions :-)).

Taking the boat (or the train) to England, discovering the white cliffs of Dover, ) together with a citytrip to Canterbury
Probably August – September

A roadtrip to Germany and getting to the border of the small country called Liechtenstein (with a few interesting sights along the way), we’re up for the challenge!
Propably August-September

We’re still searching for destinations for autumn/winter 2018, more about that later …

and besides the first destinations for 2018 we’ve got a few projects we’re working on…

  1. finally making some prints of our photographs (and maybe sell them or maybe an exhibition? )
  2. a new drone (waiting on a more portable version of the phantom 4 pro, a mavic pro 2 maybe?)
  3. a gimball (see next point)
  4. travel video’s (trying to get a few nice travel movies online)
  5. working on more frequent updates for the blog
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