#canvas9000 street art tour Ghent

Streetart. Some loconcrete canvas tour mapve it, some hate it. We belong to the first category! Two years ago we did the London Street Art Tour (must do!) and it’s great to see that our hometown Ghent has now it’s own street art tour called the #canvas9000 (www.streetartbelgium.com). You can pick up a copy of the tour in the tourist office (opposite the Castle of the Counts – Sint Veerleplein 5). The map guides you along some masterworks of Roa (legendary street artist from Ghent, famous for his murals about animal species in their lost habitat all over the world), Bue the Warrior and many others! You can see them at obvious places ( such as Werregarenstraat) which are listed as ‘must do’ in your travel guide. But far more interesting are the pieces at places you wouldn’t expect it.

As a tourist unfamiliar with the streets of Ghent it might be a bit difficult to find your way so we rediscovered Ghent and made a foursquare list and an online google map (where you can download a kml file) . The Pinterest app can also guide you to the places when you open the board. There is more art to be seen in Ghent, that is not listed on the map! Where the journey of the streetartists ends, your’s begins.

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