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Hello there!

We are Aranka and Stijn. Born in Ghent, Belgium. We  love each other,  love traveling,  love taking pictures,  love life.Foto 28-06-14 22 22 49 Traveled a lot before we knew each other. First trip together: New Zealand. Seen quite a bit of Europe. Fell in love with Australia! Not too keen on Asia, but hey, don’t let that spoil your next trip ;-). Passionate about photography (still have to look into that camera manual), like to take the bike and still believe in the magic of flying.

We started blogging when we first went to Australia, in 2010 (got married on that journey). The plan was to travel each year a bit closer to home, but Aussie is like a virus … So we kept going back to the most beautiful and diverse country in the world. Perhaps one day we just stay there, that would be very cost-effective :-). But since ttravelformotion.comhere is a lot more to see and do in the world, we also write about other places. Sometimes it’s about the tourist hot spots, but more often, it is about the little secrets of a place, like we see it, how we love it. One of the things people told us every time, over and over again, was that we’ve seen a lot more of Australia then Australians themself. So we promised ourselves to rediscover our homecountry when we got back home. Tiny, but very interesting Belgium :-).

If you want more information about a place, just let us know. We’ll tell you all we know. Please do not copy or use any pictures without permission. All photographs on this website are copyright © protected and cannot be reproduced without our written permission and consent – All rights reserved.

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