Valencia 2019

After a very smooth flight with Vueling, we arrive on Friday night at our hotel (NH Hotel Les Artes) , at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is too late to have a look around, but no worries.

Day 1

We are up and about on Saturday morning. Before breakfast, we go to the Ciudad to check out the sunrise. It is a true pleasure to photograph the game between the sunrays and the Calatrava-buildings. We return after breakfast and spend a whole morning and a part of the afternoon at the Ciudad.

We decide to have a late lunch/early dinner at the city center, an easy 3km walk via the Turia park (the Turia was a river, but the city dried the river to prevent further floodings, the river has turned into a beautiful park). After our dinner at the vegan place The Vurger, we go up the El Miguelete (€ 2 per person) to see the sunset, before going back to out hotel.

Day 2

Sunset on day 2 wasn’t that beautiful as on day 1, nonetheless we enjoyed it! This morning we walk through the Turia park to the city centre. The park is incredible popular with runners of all fitlevels, so we have to be a little bit careful. At the Calatrava bridge at the Alameda metro station, we leave the park. Our street art hunting mission can start. Most of the street art is left at the El Carmen barrio, although there are pieces all around the city.

It is a Sunday, and most of the stores are closed. I mention this, because now we can see a lot more: many streetart pieces are left on the stores’ shutters! Spending a whole day walking around the little streets and squares in El Carmen and the centre and having our late lunch/early dinner at Yolo Pizza (a cool place where you can assemble your own pizza). We decide to go back to our hotel through the park again. It takes about the same time if we go by bus, but the weather is fine (although there is a very cold wind!) and the park is much nicer than getting stuck in traffic jams! Sunset is so-so, but our evening walk at the Ciudad is beautiful (and cold)!

Day 3

On our last morning we get up early again for the sunrise. If you’re staying so close to a beautiful location, it is well-worth the effort. After breakfast we walk around in the area of our hotel and are surprised by the beautiful weather! We have lunch at our room terrace and before we know it, it is time to leave and go home. We walk to the metro station Colòn, through the park again. A nice goodbye of Valencia! Be sure to checkout our first blogpost about Valencia in summer!

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