Sharing 360 sphere images to google local guides and facebook

Since last year (2023) and the disappearance of Google’s Street View app, it was no longer possible to upload 360 drone photos to Google Maps (see my profile on local guides google) or Facebook (and make 360 degrees visible). I have tried many different methods to upload the 360 spheres and finally found one that seems to work.

Due to the exif data of the 360 photo (which was created in the DJI Fly app), it is not possible to post it directly. The only option is to overwrite the exif data with insta360 camera data.

The method:

  • take the 360 picture (sphere) with the drone
  • let it stitch in de DJ Fly app (to create a ‘”flat” 360 jpeg picture)
  • overwrite the exif date (best free program: Exif Fixer)
  • load the “flat” picture in the Exif Fixer app
    • clear metadate first
    • insert fake camera date (I always use the Insta360 one R – see screenshot beneath)
    • add Metadata (you can choose to keep the original file (with the original exif date) or overwrite it)
  • now you can use the changed file with google maps and facebook

Side note: for facebook it is possible to post directly from the dji fly app to share it in 360 on facebook!

another option to share your 360 photos is this website: Kuula

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