Open Monumentendag 2023

Open Monument Day is an annual event that takes place in many European countries, during which thousands of historic buildings and monuments open their doors to the public. The event aims to help people discover and appreciate the rich history and cultural heritage of their country. It is an opportunity to step back in time and immerse yourself in the splendor of times gone by.

A Look Behind Closed Doors

On this special day, which usually takes place in September, visitors can explore buildings and places that are not normally open to the public. Think of old castles, churches, mills, country houses, industrial heritage sites, and even archaeological digs. The variety of locations is often astonishing, and there is something for everyone.

Experience History

Heritage Day is more than just a chance to take beautiful photos and admire impressive architecture. It is an opportunity to delve into the history of your country, to understand how people lived, worked and bathed in the past. It is a reminder of how our heritage connects us to the generations that came before us.

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