Fog can create a beautiful and mysterious atmosphere in photography. It can add depth, texture, and mood to an image, transforming an ordinary scene into something magical.

Fog creates a natural diffusion effect, softening edges and reducing contrast. However, you can use this to your advantage by looking for subjects that stand out from the fog. For example, a tree, a building, or a person can create a striking contrast against the hazy background. Fog can be a great source of inspiration for photography.

A few examples I shot on cold mornings

Sunrise Fog – captured with a drone just flying above the fog

February Fog – some skyscrappers are made for foggy conditions 

Foggy December – dark foggy winter month

Foggy October – first winter cold kicking in

Foggy September – the last bites of summer sunshine 

Foggy August – exceptional foggy condition in summer 

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