Benidorm 2021

A last minute holiday to Benidorm, fascinated by the architecture and the environment around Benidorm. It is a rather unique city in Europe, the gigantic high-rise buildings on a relatively small surface, a super sunny climate and the perfect photo conditions, have a look:

I have divided the many photos into series:

  1. Benidorm Part I – Ponts del Mascarat
  2. Benidorm part II – coastal
  3. Benidorm part III – La Muralla Roja
  4. Benidorm part V – sunsets
  5. Benidorm architecture part I
  6. Benidorm architecture part II 
  7. Benidorm architecture part III
  8. Benidorm architecture part IV
  9. Benidorm aerial architecture 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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