Opal coast France

Our first trip since we are back home from the big yearly travels. It’s the end of March, we are feeling like hitting the road again! We stay closer to home this time, just a short weekend-trip to the region ‘Les Deux Caps’.

Day 1

Our first stop is Bray-Dunes. This seaside village borders the nature reserve of the dune du Marchand. You cannot see it very clearly standing on the beach, but at low tide some shipwrecks are visible. These were part of the liberation battles during the Second World War.

A bit further, at Zuydcoote (by the way: this is French Flanders, names resemble Dutch) we can visit some bunkers: the battery of Zuydcoote. From these bunkers, the German troops ‘defended’ there conquered land against the allied troops. Nowadays, the bunkers are slowly sinking in the sand. Some urban artists have them there canvasses.

We drive further west, along the coast, towards Cap Blanc-Nez. We watch the sunset from the cliffs (but because of the seamist, we cannot see the cliffs at the other side of the Canal). Our hotel is basic, but we have a good night’s sleep at Hôtel L’Escale.

Day 2 

The advantage of getting up early? We are all by ourselves starting the day at the beach of Cap Blanc-Nez. By the time people flock in, we have had our beach walk and we’ve been to the top of the cliff.

Time to leave and head to the little sister: Cap Gris-Nez. We stay in this area the whole day. We search for fossiles at the beach of Cap Gris-Nez, enjoy our lunch in the early Spring sun, and discover the coastline down south, Cran aux Oefs, Audreselles and Ambleteuse.

We have dinner at Ambleteuse (typically French: baguette with cheese 🙂 ) and a fine dessert (pancakes) on the seawall before we watch the sunset. Stay number two is in the hinterland at Wierre Effroy at an old farm. We are not convinced by this place, but for the night it will do.

Day 3

Going back home we decide to have a stop at Calais. Unfortunately this city has been in the news too much because of the refugee crisis. We tend to look for the beauty (we find it at the national park), but reality puts our feet back to the ground.

A nice weekend, close to home, what else can we ask for?

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