It has been a while since we’ve been to London. Reason enough to go on a short citytrip, just a few hours by train away. We’ve been to all te touristy places a while back, so we can concentrate on the real stuff. Starting with a visit to the new part of the Tate Modern, the Blavnatik building. A free topspot to look over London included 🙂 A very nice building with some interesting expo’s free to visit. And we almost participated in a quick course to make our own unique souvenir. But we didn’t.

After some modern-building spotting in the City we checked out our hotel, with the most amazing view over London!
Only fit to have some delicious vegetarian dinner at our all-time favourite Mildred’s (although it has become just too busy to really enjoy the good food …).

What to do on a Saturday in one of the world’s most exciting cities? Starting with a big breakfast and magnificent views! Enough energy to go for a walk, starting just a few meters from our hotel at Canary Wharf. This is an upcoming place, modern and open. And it has a rooftop garden. Or at least, a kind of rooftop garden. The Crossrail Place Roof Garden is small but unique because you just don’t expect a garden at this place! If you’re into graffiti, you should check a place in the city centre. It’s a spot we strangly enough always missed on previous occasions. The tunnel is just close to the London Eye, at the Thames. Good for people watching, but only if you find a nice place (unless you like to be in crowded places).

Another thing we never did before, was crossing the road at the worlds most famous – well – crossing … indeed. And yes, we took that very same crossing. But just because we had to. Unless other people (most of them) who think the street is one big catwalk. We ended up playing with squirrels and going back in time at the Design Museum where they had a marvellous setting with old typing machines and phones from only a few years ago.

You cannot visit London without having a look at one of the worlds best street-art spots. East London is the place to be. We’ve seen quite a bit of those works before, but the cool thing about staying away for a while is you get to see a lot of new art too! And of course, who says London – says shopping. Which we did, in East London :-).

We used an Oyster card we bought a few years ago. The London public transport really is the best way to get around, with extensive metrolines. They have a new payment system, which caps your expenses per day at £ 6,6. If you use a lot of public transport this is way cheaper than buying a day card or single tickets.

We stayed at Novotel London Canary Wharf. Great view and very good breakfast!

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