De Krook

De Krook, a new library in town!

No, not just a library. We wouldn’t make such a fuss about it if it wasn’t something big 😉

The building is an eye-catcher, both on the outside and on the inside. It’s huge but still fits in between the houses around. It feels even spacier than before. A small island, eventually connecting to all parts of the city.

On the inside, that huge feeling only gets bigger. Especially the steps are something special … Uneven surfaces, connecting open floors or inviting you to take a rest and … read a book. After all, it is a library 🙂

But with that being said, the new library has become (or wants to become) a center of interconnectivity, inviting a young public with digital toys, although not forgetting the old(er) visitors with the familiar library-activities, a creative workplace for start-ups and students alike, a meeting place for the Ghentians.

De Krook by travel for motion on Exposure

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