header travelformotion with a new journeyFor the last 5 years we have spent a lot of time visiting places off the beaten track in Australia. It wasn’t until we left, that we understood the beauty that the desert holds and the powerfull effect it has on you. The Outback seems to us the ultimate dessert, with larger than live horizons and breathtaking sunsets.
From the East Coast of Australia inland through the most desolate areas in the world to the West Coast of Australia we’ll make our own photoshooting expedition – A New Journey. Through the heart of Australia, the rugged beauty of the Outback. We want to talk to the people who live and work there, share there stories. And we cannot miss on milky ways, bulldust and ruins! It will take us further then we’ve ever been.

According to Google Maps we will be covering 18 750 km, but we will follow a lot of sidetracks and will take our time to fully appreciate the feeling of being in the measureless landscape. We will start and end in Canberra, the capital of Australia. From there on we want to discover a new part of the Blue Mountains, and explore the northern national parks of Sydney. That will take us to some of the undeveloped beaches of the East Coast, including a stop in Koala territory and making a 4WD trip on the biggest sanddune island in the world – Fraser Island. We’ll make a turn inland for some epic 4WD tracks, starting with the Bridsville track. These tracks have been formed since the late 19th Century, in essence to develop inland Australia. From the Birdsville track we’ll tackle the Oodnadatta track. Off course we can’t pass Uluru without watching the sunset over the rock. But there’s more to Central Australia than just that. We’ll explore the many beautiful national parks in the Red Centre. From Alice Springs we’ll take the Tanami Road to Western Australia, the biggest state of Australia. Visiting the Wolfe Creek Crater, and preparing for the famous Gibb River Road that will lead us to the mostly unspoiled West Coast of Australia.

The exact departure date isn’t determined yet, first we’ll have a stop in Dubai and Singapore. We’ll go where ever our Wanderlust takes us, curious as ever to discover new cultures.

Follow our adventure here on our blog and on social media, where we’ll report weekly (blog) or daily (if possible – social media).


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